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Dining tables and chairs

Stacked studio 70x70 Retail

    Dining tables and chairs

    In this section we brings a range of carefully chosen products from significant european manufacturers.

    There are tables and chairs using any kind of material. From solid wood sophisticated into detail through laminates all colors, metal constructions of geometric shapes even glass in any adjustment.

    We will gladly design dining space for you, which will be in equilibrium with your personality and will be offering everyday harmony for moments spent with your the closest ones. The space which will be reflection of your home environment and comfort.

    For more informations, free consultation or for making the design of your space you can contact us on the phone no. 222 265 279 or you can visit us in our showroom: Milady Horákové 105, Praha 6.

    Offer of dining chair and tables (in Czech)